Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sign Petition to End Minnesota Ownership of Israel Bonds

On July 1, 2015 Israel bonds purchased by the State of Minnesota with public retirement funds will mature. This unrestricted money is used by the  government of Israel for illegal settlements, electronic surveillance, apartheid separation barriers and offensive military hardware.  By signing this petition you are telling Minnesota's State Board of Investments that you want to end the state's complicity in these violations of Palestinian human rights.

We also need folks to circulate the petition among their friends and co-workers.  Email to get a petition sent to you.  Filled out forms should be mailed to me at: Bob Kosuth,
1224 E. 11th Street, Duluth, MN 55805.  We can gather petition signatures until next spring (see below).

You can also send a message to SBI members online.  The link below should get you directly to the site for sending your message.  If you have any problems you can just go to the MN BBC website and then on the home page there will be a link "Three Ways to Take Action to Demand Justice for Gaza."  Click it and scroll down and click on #2 to email a message about Israel bonds to SBI constitutional office holders.  Just fill in your zip code and edit the message if you like and send.

Please feel free to forward this message widely.  According to my best information, a decision about bond renewal is likely to be made at the June 2015 meeting, but we want to get as many Minnesotans as possible to sign the petition and/or communicate with the SBI to build momentum until then.

Thank you,
Bob Kosuth

Twin Ports Break the Bonds

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